VRKSASANA (tree pose)

VRKSASANA (tree pose) is a basic balancing pose and hip opener.

Starting from Tadasana (mountain pose), find a spot in front of you that doesn’t move which you can fix your gaze on.

Place your hands on your hips and shift the weight of your body to your right foot. Engage the muscles in the right leg.

Bring your left heel off the floor, turn your knee out towards the left and place your left heel against your right ankle. Find your balance.

When you feel calm and steady, while focusing your gaze on the point ahead, move the left foot up and place the sole of the left foot on the inner left calf or thigh.

Finally, join the palms of the hands in front of the heart center and stay here for 5 breaths.

To come out of the pose, first draw the bent knee up towards the chest, then lower the foot to the floor and come back to Tadasana.

Shake the legs out and repeat on the other side.