VIRABHADRASANA A (warrior I pose)

VIRABHADRASANA A (warrior I pose) is a standing pose that is a good preparation for back bending.

Starting from TADASANA (mountain pose), take a big step back with your left foot so your two feet are about one leg’s length apart.

Turn the back foot in at a 60° angle and point the front foot straight forward, aligning the front heel with the inner arch of the back foot, with the back heel, or aligning the heels with the hips.

Distribute the weight evenly over both feet and turn your torso to face the front (short edge) of the mat.

Bend the front knee in the direction of 90°, making sure it does not collapse toward the center line and remains stacked above the ankle.

Extend your arms upwards and keep them parallel or join the palms overhead.

Gaze out in front of you or up at your thumbs.

Hold the pose for 5 breaths.

Repeat on the other side by straightening the front leg, pivoting and aligning the feet, then bending the left knee.

To come out of the pose, straighten both legs, lower your arms, pivot the feet to face the front of the mat again, and step or lightly jump back to TADASANA (mountain pose).