TADASANA (mountain pose)

TADASANA (mountain pose) is arguably the most basic yoga pose. It is a basic starting asana for all standing and most balancing poses. It is one of the most grounding poses and therefore connects us with Muladhara, our root chakra.

Stand near the front of the mat with your feet hip-width apart or big toes touching and heels slightly apart. Make sure the sides of your feet are parallel to the sides of your mat. Lift your toes, spread them out and place them back on the ground.

Keep a microbend in the knees (don’t lock them), engage the thigh muscles, and pull in the navel slightly.

If the tops of your thighs are pushed forward, guide the pelvis back so the hips are placed above the ankles.

Lift your breastbone lightly and roll the shoulders up, back and down.

Keep the arms alongside the body and rotate your palms facing forward.

If you sense your chin is lifted, lower it slightly toward your breastbone so you can keep the back of the neck long.

Imagine that someone has attached a rope to the crown of your head and is pulling it upwards for maximum length in the spine.

You should be able to draw a vertical line from ankles to hips to shoulders to ears.