SAVASANA (corpse pose)

SAVASANA (literally “corpse pose”), serves not only as the basic starting asana for all supine poses, but – most importantly – it is our final relaxation pose at the end of every practice. This is the moment when we have nothing left to do, nowhere else to go, when we can simply be… It is at the same time grounding and therefore connecting us with Muladhara, our root chakra, as well as a doorway to experiencing oneness with universal consciousness and therefore connecting us with Sahasrara, our crown chakra.

Lie down on your back, body symmetrical to the midline.

Lay down your arms alongside the body, arms slightly away from the body, palms facing upward or hands resting on the pinky side..

Let the feet separate, toes pointing outward.

Close your eyes., let the breath take over and relax.