ARDHA CHANDRASANA (half moon pose)

ARDHA CHANDRASANA (half moon pose) is a balancing pose, as well as a twist and hip opener.

UTTHITA TRIKONASANA (triangle pose) is a good starting position to get into ARDHA CHANDRASANA (half moon pose).

Place the hand of your top arm on your hip, look down and bend the front knee.

Step the back foot in closer to the front of the mat, while placing the bottom hand slightly in front and to the little toe side of the front foot.

Shift your center of gravity further forwards and begin to lift the back leg off the floor.

Begin to straighten the front leg while bringing the back leg parallel to the floor.

Flex the back foot and rotate the back leg until the toes are pointing out to the side.

Finally rotate the torso in the same direction as the toes of the back foot are pointing and either leave the top hand on the hip or raise the top arm up to the sky.

The gaze can be down, out to the side or upward.

Stay here for 5 breaths.

To come out of the pose, exhale and look down. Slowly bend the front knee and lower the back foot to the ground.

On an inhale, use the upper hand and arm to come back up into UTTHITA TRIKONASANA and switch sides.