MARJARYASANA/BITILASANA (cat/cow pose) is one of the most basic poses everyone learns in their first yoga class. It warms up the spine, connects us to our core, introduces us to the synchronisation of breath and movement, and is a basic starting asana for inversions.

Come onto hands and knees.

Place the wrists directly under the shoulders and the knees under the hips.

The crease of the wrist runs parallel to the front edge of the mat and fingers are spread wide, making sure index finger and thumb make contact with the mat. The feet are relaxed and toes point straight back..

Engage the arms (don’t lock the elbows) and lift the upper body away from the floor (don’t ‘hang’ in the shoulders) while keeping neck and spine in a neutral position.

On an exhale, starting from the tailbone, round the spine, releasing the head toward the floor and gazing in the direction of the navel.

On the next inhale, again initiating the movement in the tailbone, arch the spine, lifting sitting bones, chest and head, gazing forward..

Round and arch the spine on your the rhythm of your breath for a total of 5 cycles.