UTTANASANA (standing forward bend pose)

UTTANASANA (standing forward bend pose) is a basic standing forward bend and, therefore, inversion (head below the heart).

Starting from TADASANA (mountain pose), feet hip-distance apart and the outside of the feet parallel to the sides of the mat, place your hands on your hips..

Inhale and lengthen the spine, exhale and bend forward hinging from the hips.

Place your fingertips or palms on the floor slightly in front or on the outside of your feet.

If your fingers don’t reach the floor, place your hands on your shins rather than bending the knees.

Relax head and neck.

Stay here for 5 breaths.

On every inhale lengthen the spine, on every exhale release into the pose.

To come out of the pose, keep the knees straight and the legs and abdomen strong.

Place the hands back onto the hips and come up on an inhale.