SUKHASANA (easy pose)

SUKHASANA (easy pose) is a basic seated pose for meditation and pranayama.

Starting from DANDASANA (staff pose) with your legs out in front of you, bend both knees and come into a cross-legged position with the weight distributed evenly across the sitting bones.

Make sure the knees are lower than the hips and the pelvis is slightly tilted forward (rooting down through the pubic bone).

You may need to sit on a blanket, block or bolster in order for the spine to be able to follow its natural curves.

Let the hands rest on the knees (palms down to ground, palms up to energize) or in your lap.

Lift through the crown of the head and through the breastbone while the shoulders relax down the back.

Relax forehead, jaw and lips, part the teeth inside the mouth, and place the tip of the tongue lightly against the ridge between the upper teeth and the roof of the mouth.

Slightly lower the chin and gaze at the ground in front of you or close your eyes.


Switch legs from day to day.