PARSVOTTANASANA (intense side stretch pose)

PARSVOTTASANA (intense side stretch pose) is a standing pose that stretches the side body and strengthens and lengthens the leg muscles.

Starting from TADASANA (mountain pose), take a small step back with your left foot so your two feet are about one meter apart.

Turn the back foot in at a 45°-60° angle and point the front foot straight forward, aligning the front heel with the back heel, or aligning your heels with your hips.

Distribute the weight evenly over both feet with your torso facing the front (short edge) of the mat.

On an inhale raise the arms out to the sides, exhale join the palms of the hands behind the back. Alternatively, hold on to the elbows or the forearms.

Inhale lengthen the spine, exhale hinge from the pelvis and bend forward.

Stay here for 5 breaths. On every inhale lengthen forward through the crown of the head. On every exhale, release into the forward bend and send the hip on the front foot side back.

To come out of the pose, slightly bend the front knee and use both the inhale and the strength of your legs and abdomen to come up.

Exhale step both feet back together at the front of your mat.

Repeat on the other side.