ARDHA MATSYENDRASANA (half lord of the fishes pose)

ARDHA MATSYENDRASANA (half lord of the fishes pose) is a seated twist, awakening the solar plexus chakra.

Starting from DANDASANA (staff pose) with your legs out in front of you bend your right knee into your chest, holding it with both hands.

Step the right foot over the left leg and place it flat on the floor on the outside of the left leg.

Keep your left leg extended and left foot flexed, or bend the extended leg and place the left foot on the outside of the right hip.

Hold on to the right knee with your left hand and place the right hand on the floor behind you, close to the spine.

Inhale lengthen the spine and exhale twist to the right while wrapping the left arm around the bent knee.

Alternatively, hook the left elbow on the outside of the right thigh and point the fingers of the left hand upwards.

Inhale lengthen the spine once more and exhale twist a little deeper while turning your head to the side or looking over your right shoulder.

Stay here for three more breaths.

On an inhale come back to center facing forward, on the next exhale release the legs.

Repeat on the other side.